May 27, 2012


Nas Gets Sentimental in "Daughters" Video

When we asked T.I. what advice he would give to new father Jay-Z, he told us, "Little girls are going to judge men they meet in the future based off how their father treated them." Nas takes this advice to heart on his new video for "Daughters," the first single from his upcoming album Life is Good.

Opening with the sound of a baby crying and the name and date of birth of his daughter Destiny, the dad-rap track traces Destiny's life from her third birthday to watching her dad's videos to concerned parent Nas not wanting his daughter to sext on Twitter and instagram a box of condoms. While future generations may have to ask their own parents what instagram and Twitter is, "Daughters" shows another side to the versatile MC.

More importantly, now that Jay-Z has the Blue Ivy tribute "Glory" and Nas has "Daughters," I'm hoping this starts the most sentimental beef ever, with each rapper battling over who can write the most touching tribute to his kid. Your move, Jay.