May 23, 2012


News Notes: 2 Chainz Released From Police Custody & More

Roger Kisby
Roger Kisby

2 Chainz Freed!

After being arrested at LaGuardia airport for alleged possession of brass knuckles, 2 Chainz has been released from police custody and is on his way to North Carolina for Drake's Club Paradise Tour. Looks like Big Sean was right when he tweeted immediately following the arrest: "2 chainz ain't have no brass knuckles, it was a 4 finger ring that spelled hood. We had a shoot yesturday n he was rockin em." []

The Flaming Lips Challenge Jay-Z's Record

The Lips will attend to play 8 shows in separate locations on June 27, hoping to break Jay-Z's Guinness World Record for "the most live shows in 24 hours in multiple cities." [Billboard]

50 Cent Will Drop His New Album on July 3 with Label Support or Not

You go, Fif! But please think of a name for the album by then. []

Ray J Doesn't Have a Blood Clot

Brandy's little bro/Whitney's ex is out of the hospital. So you can stop feeling bad you forgot to send him that "Get Well Soon" card. [Us Weekly]