May 7, 2012


Listen: Passion Pit's Dance-Tastic New Single

Aubree Lennon for Fuse
Aubree Lennon for Fuse

Boston electro-pop outfit Passion Pit just dropped "Take a Walk," the first taste of their second album Gossamer (out July 24), and guess what? For better or worse, it sounds exactly like Passion Pit. Listen below.

Mastermind Michael Angelakos wrote his band's first material as a belated Valentine's Day gift for his then-girlfriend, and this new track sounds like an invite onto the dance floor of his heart. Symphonic synths mingle with synths, synths and a few more synths (shocker), then Angelakos coos about "feeling your love clearly." It all rises to a catchy, marshal-beat chorus with some viking ship chanting (as interpreted by frail white kids from Boston, natch). It's Passion Pit, that's for sure, which means if you loved their debut Manners, then you'll probably love Gossamer, and vice versa. 

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