May 30, 2012


Pauly D Is Releasing a "Pregame" Vodka Cocktail Called Remix

Tom Briglia
Tom Briglia

Pauly D, the most endearing star of MTV's Jersey Shore and an experienced DJ, is looking to get into the alcohol retail industry with a concoction called Remix! According to The Hollywood Reporter, It's a "pregame cocktail" that he's releasing with David Kanbar, the co-founder of Skinnygirl, the cocktail company that reality TV star Bethenny Frankel recently sold for $100 million.

The cocktail will be 13.99% alcohol and cost about $14.99 for a bottle, and it comes in flavors with Jersey Shore-inspired names like Oye Mojito, Yeah Yumberry and Strawberry Holla-peno. I'm not sure what a yumberry is, but I know it's going to be extremely sugary. It will be available in stores in June and you can see what the bottles will look like here.

Pauly summed up his drive to start a ready-to-drink vodka cocktail brand this way: "I'm mixing drinks and mixing records. Remix basically describes my life and what I’m passionate about."

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