May 10, 2012


Regina Spektor Stars in New Video from Ex-Moldy Peaches Guitarist

Regina Spektor has teamed up with Jack Dishel, the former guitarist for the Moldy Peaches (remember their song on the Juno soundtrack?) who now records as a solo artist under the name Only Son. Their collabo track, the gentle ballad "Call Them Brothers," appears on Only Son's second LP, Searchlight. But the duo, who were both born in Moscow before emigrating stateside, liked the track so much they re-recorded it with producer Mike Elizondo (Jay-Z, Snoop, Mastodon) to include on the digital deluxe edition of Spektor's What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, out May 29.

The duo just released a Big Apple-centric music video for the track, directed by James Holland and featuring additional archival footage shot by family friend Howard Zuckerman. It pairs old footage of the musicians as kids, then edits that together with newer footage of the duo wandering around New York landmarks, like the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. That newer footage, however, is stained and treated to make it look like it was shot in the early 1900s. Neato! Then, of course, it all ends with Spektor and Dishel making, and then wearing, paper masks. 

Watch the video above, then sound off in the comments.