May 23, 2012


Scientists Prove Conclusive Link Between Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll

Ollie Millington
Ollie Millington

Scientists have finally confirmed a link between sex, drugs and rock and roll! According to NME, researchers at Erasmus MC University Medical Center in the Netherlands have found clear links between listening to loud music, having "risky" sex and smoking marijuana. 

The study, published in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, interviewed 944 students between ages 15 and 25. It found that students who listened to music loudly on headphones were more likely to have smoked marijuana in the last month, and those who frequently go to clubs and concerts were twice as likely to use condoms "inconsistently" and six times as likely to binge drink!

"We know that high-risk behaviors certainly run together, so in some ways it's not a big surprise," a scientist unaffiliated with the study told Reuters Health. We know you weren't surprised either!