May 3, 2012


Sheriff's Deputy Forced Inmates to Dance to Usher

Erika Goldring
Erika Goldring

If you think conditions in American jails are humane, we've got some news to the contrary: According to The Akron Beacon Journal, an Ohio sheriff's deputy has been fired by his boss, the sheriff, for forcing five inmates in a local jail to dance to Usher's "Yeah."

On April 11, the inmates danced to the song in exchange for jail privileges like using a phone or the microwave, and the sheriff's deputy invited his colleagues to watch, saying "Stop and watch this, it's going to be funny."

An inmate complained after the incident and the deputy was fired "for violating department policies by mistreating inmates, acting inappropriately and having a cellphone in the jail," which apparently he used to play "Yeah."

One inmate reportedly did the worm, while another did the robot so he could use the cell phone to contact his family after a family member's death. Another inmate said that the deputy demanded that he dance "for one minute to my liking." 

The Sheriff's Department conducted an internal investigation into the incident and the deputy said he intended only to “lighten the tension” in the jail. One of the other deputies watching said the inmates were laughing during the song/dance.

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