May 17, 2012


Simon Cowell: "The Voice" Rips Off "The X Factor"

Mark Davis
Mark Davis

It was when, not if, X Factor creator Simon Cowell would publicly blast The Voice and, speaking to UK's Radio 4 Today, the mogul took shots at the competition.

"[The Voice] puzzles me because it starts off and 'it's all about the voice'," Cowell said (via NME). "So my first thought is, 'Why isn't this on radio?' because what's the point in looking at them. Then suddenly I'm watching it a week or two weeks ago and it's the same as The X Factor. they've got dancers behind them, graphics, lights. Same show. I see a lot of shows trying to rip us off. If you try and rip somebody off it always looks like a bad copy."

People: Is there not room for the two shows to peacefully coexist? Can you not be both on Team Simon and Team Blake? Can someone show Simon our Xtina animated GIFs gallery to cheer him up?

We're still waiting for a response from someone at The Voice, which I assume will be a hug from Cee-Lo.