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Photo Credit: hardrockchick/ Instagram, via

So it looks like Slayer has the greatest tour rider in all of music. The rider, which Metal Sucks obtained and you can view larger here, came straight from the FunFunFun Fest, where Slayer played this year, so you know it's real. It's so real that at the top of the list, it says "From the desk of Slayer" in cursive.

The rider includes demands for:

  • 50,000 live bees
  • 100 snow-white goats for slaughter
  • 4 yoga ball chairs, black
  • 10 cases of Gogurt
  • 4 box seats to the Austin Ice Bats
  • 1 Bowflex
  • Zamboni with full tank
  • 4 tubes of StainStick
  • 1 human skull full of Red Hots

The rest of the list is pretty #metal too. We're impressed. So what would be on your ideal tour rider? 400 Juicy Juice juice boxes? We know you like Juicy Juice! Let us know in the comments!