May 18, 2012


T.I. Gives Jay-Z Fatherly Advice

When we last caught up with T.I. at South by Southwest, the rapper confirmed Taylor Swift's appearance on his protegé B.o.B's upcoming album. Now, the rapper is prepping the release of his own album Trouble Man. "It's very important that no stone is left unturned to make sure that I deliver another classic and the album that people want and need to hear," said the rapper. 

T.I. also discussed B.o.B. ("He's not done flying because he has so many more hits left in him") and gave Jay-Z some fatherly advice. "Little girls are going to judge men they meet in the future based off how their father treated them," said the father of five. "You have to be her first love so when she runs into nonsense in the street, then she'll know, "naw, my daddy would never do it like that so this isn't even wroth my time or attention.''

For more of T.I.'s wisdom, check the video above.