May 11, 2012


Thom Yorke is a Dancing Puppet in New Modeselektor Video

Thom Yorke loves to dance--have you seen a Radiohead gig lately? He busts moves like a possessed robot at Studio 54. They're embarrasing and embarrassingly rad, and he gets down without shame. Good on him. Thusly, the Brit loves dance music. He teamed up Berlin electro outfit Modeselektor to sing on their track "This," which just got a music video, complete with a marionette who makes a wooden puppet bust moves just like Yorke. Watch below.

Directed by London creative agency Future Deluxe, whose have also worked with Africa Hitech and Groove Armada recently, the video is a bit cray-cray, like a goth FAO Shwarz come alive. In addition to the human-like puppet breaking, there are tops spinning, rocking horses rocking out of control and toy monkeys banging on percussion. 

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