May 9, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Transgender Rockstar in Against Me! Speaks Out & More

5. Barack Obama follows '90s rap star Noreaga on Twitter:

4. Belle & Sebastian highlights an advertisement that's funny in a subtle, Belle & Sebastian sort of way:

This is the greatest advert ever.
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3. Miley Cyrus honors Vidal Sassoon's passing with a funny Twitpic:

RIP Vidal Sassoon. You are forever fabulous.
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2. Bun B tells one truth and one untruth. I'll let you guess which one's which:

Yes. RT @Rhettikins: @BunBTrillOG are you really a professor at rice? #curious
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Trillology. RT @dallasflychic: @BunBTrillOG do you have a degree? If so, in what?
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1. Tom Gabel of Against Me!, who came out as transgender last night, speaks out on the response she's received:

Thank you all so much for the support and love. It's honestly humbling, inspiring and life changing for me.
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