May 22, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Katy Perry Doesn't Believe in World Goth Day & More

5. Kitty Pryde gets very emotional at the sandwich place:

jimmy johns will NOT heat up your sub, even if you cry. jus a heads up before you waste your time going there. they dont have tissues either
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4. I hope Slim Thug's lawyer doesn't read this:

At my lawyer office rather be in bed
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3. I don't understand the #CanOfBeans hashtag in this tweet. Is it because a can of beans smells bad and that would be as annoying for other passengers as if he sang? Am I dense?

On a @VirginAmerica flight, listening to Tom Waits' LUCKY DAY. I really wanna sing along, but y'know: the other passengers... #CanOfBeans
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2. 2 Chainz was reportedly arrested earlier today for carrying brass knuckles at the airport. Big Sean has some information on that:

2 chainz ain't have no brass knuckles, it was a 4 finger ring that spelled hood. We had a shoot yesturday n he was rockin em.
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1. Katy Perry doesn't believe in your "World Goth Day" (but I think she's thinking of vampires):

DAY?! A true goth only comes out at night! #WORLDGOTHNIGHT @jrglennon: @KatyPerry its WORLD GOTH DAY!
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