May 23, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Rihanna Shows Off Her Dreads & More

5. If I was delivering a pizza to Lil Wayne's daughter, I'd probably take a 25% tip too:

Me and @Djaun_Mcdonald just ordered a pizza and it was $16 and we gave the man a 20 and she left him to put the pizza down and he left😭
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4. Meanwhile, ScHoolboy Q takes his daughter on a date:

Taking my daugHter on a date: sunny L.A
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3. Lil Twist takes a moment during his driver's license test to tweet about it:

Now back to my drivers test...
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2. Mack Maine shuts down a Twitterer who doesn't believe he's a real Miami Heat fan:

mackmaine Mack Maine
DevDownerDMG Devin Downer
in reply to @DevDownerDMG

@DevDownerDMG how bout u call the front office and ask how much and how many years I been copping season ticks on the floor...I'll w8
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1. Rihanna shows off her dreads:

Here's the photo:

Photo Credit: Rihanna/Twitter
Photo Credit: Rihanna/Twitter