May 29, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Tiesto Eats Poisonous Fish & More

5. One half of LMFAO looks more normal than you'd expect on the golf course (except the hair and glasses):

Travel day... Gettin in on the golf course. #ibestrokin that's what I be doing
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4. Pete Wentz rocks this pair of Kanye West-designed Nikes on his day off:

3. This Chris Brown fan went all the way for Breezy and told his mom:

2. Superstar producer Calvin Harris claims to be wearing Justin Bieber's socks:

Wearing Justin Bieber's socks
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1. The scorpionfish is really, really poisonous! Be careful, Tiesto:

Eating a Scorpionfish for the first time in Ibiza #fb
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Here's the picture of the scorpionfish:

Tiesto on Instagram
Tiesto on Instagram