May 10, 2012


Top 6 Tweets: Foo Fighters Don't Think Fake Dave Grohl Twitter Is Funny & More

6. Killer Mike envies the child on the cover of Time:

I envy that lil white child.....I envy him. RT @byroncrawford: The new TIME magazine should be big in prison
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5. Chris Brown looks so, so sad:

4. Jay-Z, who rarely tweets, notices something that people who don't fly on private jets have already noticed:

From what I hear everyone has to throw up the ROC at the airport anyway.
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3. Azealia Banks' fans threaten to eat her weave when she's on stage:

LMFAOO... Why are all my UK fans always saying they're gonna jump on stage and eat my weave?! LOL! it makes me laugh so hard every time.
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2. Meek Mill rockin' socks and sandals poolside:

1. The Foo Fighters don't think the fake Dave Grohl Twitter is funny:

Hi. FYI @FooGDave is not Dave Grohl. @FooGDave try @TotallyNotFooGDave.Think it's available. Plus Quit It. Signed, also not Dave Grohl.
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