May 13, 2012


Usher Makes Crowd "Scream," then "Climax" on "Saturday Night Live"

On the d-bag scale, wearing sunglasses indoors falls somewhere between calling a girl "Toots" and running to steal a subway seat from an elderly woman. But damn if Usher and his crew actually pulled it off last night on Saturday Night Live. Clad in black leather, the singer performed "Scream" (bathed in red light) and "Climax," the first two singles from his upcoming seventh album Looking 4 Myself. Check out the energetic "Scream" above and more subdued "Climax" below.

The singer also appeared as Mr. Galactic Fantastic in a painfully unfunny skit called "Funkytown Debate," embedded for your pleasure below. 

Usher, "Climax"

Usher in "Funkytown Debate"