May 2, 2012


Watch The Wanted Pelt Each Other With Grapes

When British-Irish boy band phenomenon The Wanted played Fuse's studios on Wednesday, April 25, our building was swarmed by throngs of uber-psyched fans. Things were just as crazy backstage, from Jay hitting Siva in the jugular with a grape to a flying middle finger. 

Our cameras followed The Wanted before and after their live performance and caught these hilarious, candid moments. You can either watch the video above to witness The Wanted's backstage antics in their entirety or skip ahead to the cue times given below to catch the highlights. 

0:33: Tom and Jay scream to demonstrate how you can tell what country a person is from by the pitch of their shriek. 

2:30: Siva fakes out our receptionist by pretending to give her his number. Burn!

3:12: Max whacks Nathan (in retaliation to an off-camera smack).

3:19: Tom crushes on Fuse host Alison Hagendorf: "Allison's great. She's hot as well."

3:48 - 4:28: The Wanted begin a food fight with each other while being interviewed. Jay explains: "It was like a cowboy saloon situation where everyone's fighting everyone, only less perilous."

4:29: Jay's middle finger makes an appearance.

4:40: Jay on The Wanted's secret to success: "Individually we're all stupid, but as a group we're like ants: We work well together."

5:42: Post-performance, Max says, "I love it when they get onstage, but it was really hot."

6:04: The Wanted get mobbed by fans on their way out the door.

Head here to watch The Wanted's live performance and post-set Q&A at Fuse, and click over here for live photos.