May 31, 2012


Why Isn't Trace Cyrus Releasing the Song He Recorded with Miley?

Trace Cyrus, awesomely tattooed brother of Miley Cyrus and singer/lead guitarist in Metro Station, left Metro Station and started a solo project called Ashland High. He recorded a song with Miley for Ashland High, but why hasn't he released the track, called "Shot in the Dark"? We sat down with Trace to find out: "When I feel like I've had my own success and fame because of my hard work, then I'll [release] the song with Miley, but I'm not trying to use her to get exposure or sell records." Watch the video above to hear more about Miley and Ashland High.

We also spoke to Trace about his many tattoos. Watch the video below for a guided tour through all of Trace Cyrus' tattoos and let us know what you think of them in the comments!