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Samir Hussein, the leading man in one of the most successful pop groups of the last decade, finally admits something that some listeners may have suspected for a long time: He's not a great singer and that he leans on Auto-Tune.

According to NME, Will told an English television show called Chatty Man, "A lot of the time I am in the studio by myself and no one works as much as I do. So the computer allows me to make music singing myself and not wait around for singers to come and sing it."

He went on: "It's a rare combination to have someone who can write songs and sing well. The computer allows me to execute my ideas at the speed I think them. So that's why I lean to autotune. It's just an effect. But I am working on, you know, my singing abilities." 

So there you have it! Shouts out to for being a way more humble dude than you'd expect for someone with as much money and success as he has.