June 14, 2012


"Family Guy" and KISS Are Launching a Product Line

Fox Broadcasting Company
Fox Broadcasting Company

KISS, the rock band as famous for their creative and ubiquitous merchandising as their power chords, has teamed up with another licensing powerhouse, Family Guy, to launch a product line!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the merchandise will include vinyl figures, bobble heads, apparel, novelty items, barware, fine art and "social expressions" (yeah, we're not sure what that is either.) The band is no stranger to Family Guy, having been on the show three times as part of a storyline involving Lois Griffin dating Gene Simmons before KISS became famous.

Lead singer Paul Stanley claims the band has already made more than a billion dollars from merchandise sales. (Dr. Evil should get into that.) "We are focusing more and more on the upper-tier, blue-chip opportunities for prestige partnerships," Stanley said. "Family Guy’s track record and consistent success with its demographic makes this match-up ideal."

KISS has already sold, according to Wikipedia, "comic books issued by Marvel (the first one of which contained ink mixed with actual blood donated by the group), a pinball machine, KISS dolls, 'Kiss Your Face Makeup' kits, Halloween masks, board games, bubble gum trading cards" and, of course, a casket. Plus, check out this KISS mini golf course in Vegas.

Let us know if you'll be buying KISS x Family Guy merch in the comments!