June 12, 2012


LMFAO Will Bring Shots, Shuffle Bot & Their Packages to MMVAs

Party rockers LMFAO sat down with Fuse to give us an exclusive preview of what to expect when they co-host (and perform at!) the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards. Here are five things they guaranteed you'll see when you tune into Fuse this Sunday, June 17, at 9p/8c, for the live broadcast.

1. "Hot Lovelies"—As in, lady babes. 

2. "Shots"—"If you come back stage into our thang, you gonna have a shot. But onstage, it's gonna be the champagne shower."

3. "The Best Dance Crew"—If you've seen an LMFAO video, you know they're not lying.

4. "Shuffle Bot"—The golden, cardboard-headed robot LMFAO pal around with is going to be in attendance at the MMVAs. And in the video above, LMFAO explain the extraterrestrial origin of Shuffle Bot. "We were driving by Area 51 and the gate was open," Sky Blu says. "We snuck the Shuffle Bot out, gave him some goose IV and a nacho and he's been shuffling ever since."

5. "Two Natural Packages"—"Packages" being what they "wiggle-wiggle" in their videos. Yeah. 

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