June 13, 2012


Watch This Video of 50 Cent Selling His Headphones on QVC

50 Cent is a consummate salesman. Beginning with the G-Unit clothing line he started in 2003, 50 has sold everything from energy drinks to books to cologne to these nifty SMS headphones. But we rarely get to see him actually selling it, which is why the video above is so great: it's 50 Cent selling his SMS headphones on QVC.

The best part of the video is the woman who comes out at 0:40, bounces across the screen, hugs 50 Cent without him moving a muscle, and stands next to him while hawking the product with a level of enthusiasm generally reserved for psychotic outbursts. She's only onscreen for a minute, but you'll never forget this meme-ready lady.

Let us know how many pairs of SMS headphones this video convinced you to buy in the comments!