June 18, 2012


And the 2012 MMVA Winners Are...

George Pimentel
George Pimentel

The MuchMusic Video Awards just wrapped up in Toronto and the winners are in! 

LMFAO opened tonight's MMVAs with a mashup of their dance hits "Sexy & I Know It" and "Wiggle," performing onstage surrounded by acrobats, a guy in a pink bear costume and many, many inflatable zebras. Then, of course, they striped to their thongs and jiggled their junk. (Missed it on Fuse? Catch a clip here.)

As co-hosts the duo also sported numerous pairs of neon-colored, leopard-print tights and cracked jokes with artists like Carly Rae Jepsen—"Give it up for Maybe Rae Jepsen,” they hollered at the crowd. "Hey, she said to call her Maybe..."

Jepsen sang her chart topper "Call Me Maybe" while swinging from a giant telephone. Flo Rida performed his mega hit “Wild Ones” with Jepsen making a surprise appearnce singing the hook in place of Sia Furler, who was unable to attend. And Katy Perry performed “Wide Awake” with acrobats twirling in fake trees placed onstage. Then she shed a silver-colored cloak to show a flesh-toned jumpsuit and massive, multi-colored butterfly wings opened around her. 

Oh, and along the way they handed out some awards. Perry won for Ur Fave International Artist or Group and International Video of the Year for "Last Friday Night." Justin Bieber won Ur Fave Artist or Group and International Video of the Year by a Canadian for "Boyfriend."  Ur Fave Video of the Year and Video of the Year went to Jepsen’s “Call Me, Maybe,” while co-hosts LMFAO won International Video of the Year by a Group for "Sexy And I Know It."

Near the end of the evening, LMFAO took the stage in thongs, with SkyBlu’s decorated like an elephant with the trunk making a not-so-subtle joke of his… well, you get the picture. And to top it all off, Bieber closed the show with performances of "Boyfriend" and "All Around the World."

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