June 6, 2012


UPDATE: $200,000 of Axl Rose's Jewelry Stolen Last Night? Returned!

Paul Warner
Paul Warner

Update: A young model has returned the bounty and turned herself in to police. She hasn't been identified by name. She claims that only this afternoon, when she woke up, did she realize that she had slipped the jewels into her purse when she was drunk. She's currently being held by police. [Spinner]

So someone stole $200,000 worth of Axl Rose's jewelry after his show in Paris last night (June 5)! A spokesperson for the Paris police told the AP that the frontman who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was, according to police, pretty ticked off about someone stealing so much of his jewelry.

An investigation into the theft and has so far determined that "it doesn't appear Rose was wearing the necklaces at the time," although, seriously, how could they not be sure? Wouldn't he know for certain if he was wearing his jewelry when it was stolen?

Anyway, you can catch a newly jewelry-free Axl in Guns N' Roses on a tour through Europe and Israel that ends June 22. And if you are the jewelry-snatcher, please, just tell the Paris police how you did it, because they seem totally clueless and that's embarrassing for a clue-gathering organization.