June 26, 2012


Beach Boys Didn't Tell Brian Wilson They're Touring Again

Steve Granitz
Steve Granitz

When they're not releasing surprisingly good new music or calling Obama a "Socialist a**hole," The Beach Boys have been receiving accolades for their 50th anniversary reunion tour (our own William Goodman's father recently reviewed the group's Beacon Theatre show.) 

But founding member Mike Love already has some post-tour plans: Kicking back, relaxing and going on tour again with everyone in the band except linchpin Brian Wilson, the main attraction on this summer's tour after being absent from the group's tours for 46 years. According to Rolling Stone, Love booked several South American shows without the group's main songwriter.

"I wasn't aware that Mike had some shows in South America," Wilson tells Rolling Stone. "News to me."

While "news to me" could describe Wilson's reaction to most things, it's still a bummer to see that the original lineup's tour plans may be coming to an end. As Rolling Stone points out, "Love has licensed the Beach Boys name since 1998, touring with auxiliary Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and hired musicians. Wilson has toured under his own name, and Al Jardine has performed with his Endless Summer Band. They all put their touring bands on hold for the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary reunion tour."

One venue in Texas has already canceled a previously scheduled show since the band performing was not the original lineup. It's unclear if other venues will follow suit, but c'mon guys: You got a good thing going. Most 70-year-olds only get excited when their nurse bends over to pick up their TV remote control. You're touring around the world playing to multiple generations of fans and recording new music that hit No. 3 on Billboard 200. What more do you need?

Hopefully this is just some giant misunderstanding and Love, in his age, forgot to use the CC feature on his BlackBerry. Right? Right?!