June 25, 2012


Billy Corgan on How Wrestling Inspired His "Bad Guy" Public Persona

Smashing Pumpkins' frontman raised a few eyebrows (something he's more than accustomed to) last year when he announced his involvement with a wrestling startup called Resistance Pro, but Billy Corgan tells Fuse that his love for the performance sport is hardly out of character.

"I was into [pro wrestling] as a kid, I loved the larger than life [element]. It has had an effect on how I view my job," says the career rock star. "The pomposity is something I always thought was funny. The wrestling guys can wink their way out of being a bad guy. Well, I've been willing to play a bad guy just because I think it's funny. It's certainly funnier than being a good guy. And oftentimes in rock n' roll you find the guys who are perceived as good guys are actually big f**king a**holes behind the scenes. That's the reason they're so intent on being a good guy—unconscious guilt."

Corgan also talks about the enduring appeal of wrestling: "I think there's part of the American psyche that just wants to have a good time, and wrestling is just a dumb, good time. It's just fun, it's a different form of the circus," he says. "It's just very crude live theater. Very crude."

For Corgan's full thoughts on wrestling and how Resistance Pro got started, watch the video above.