June 30, 2012


Billy Corgan: "You Can't Kill Me Off With Bad Press"

Billy Corgan—the Smashing Pumpkins mastermind who is never at a loss for words—talked to Fuse about his longevity in the music industry despite the media drubbings he sometimes takes for speaking his mind.

"I've survived the holocaust of when your career is supposed to go away and never come back," Corgan tells us. "Like when I put out Siamese Dream, I thought it was a great f**king record, but it got sh*tty reviews. Now it's a classic, so whose opinion was right? If I said it at the time, I was an arrogant prick. But here I still am.

"You can't kill me off with bad press. That's already been attempted. No amount of feuds with other bands is going to do any difference. The music is the thing that endures."

Speaking of music, Corgan is not too impressed with today's retro-centric music scene. "I'm sick of this cozy relationship rock n' roll has with its own past. It's really gross. It's not the way rock n' roll was built. Rock n' roll was a destructive force and that what it's supposed to be."

For the full interview, watch the video above. And check out our other interview clips with Corgan, where he talks about how pro wrestling influenced his "bad guy" public persona and why Western culture can't produce the next rock revolutionary.