June 11, 2012


Blink-182 Gives Free Tickets for Life to Kid Behind This Amazing Video

Update: A Fuse co-worker just emailed me to tell me Tommy Wooldridge is a PA that actually works with Fuse! Gotta find him and shake his hand. A second Fuse staffer also emailed me, "Not only is he a Fuse PA – he just worked all of Bonnaroo with us. He is AMAZING! So glad you guys posted that! Seriously a dreamboat!"

blink-182 just made some kid's life! They recently launched a contest for their 20th anniversary in which fans had to submit their own commercials for the blink-182 2012 European Tour, and whoever made the best video would get free blink tickets forever.

The winner was Tommy Wooldridge with a four-minute commercial that you can watch above. In the video, he uses blink-182 lyrics to pick up girls in public, which is uncomfortable and hilarious every time. My favorite is the one where he sits down at a park bench in front of a woman and says, totally straight-faced and with an admirable lack of self-consciousness, "This world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me." I won't spoil her response but she handles it like a pro.

Watch the video above and let us know what your favorite blink pickup line is in the comments!