June 6, 2012


Bonnaroo 2012: All 184 Bands Ranked by Popularity

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

Back in February, when Bonnaroo organizers announced the initial lineup of 85 bands, I was intrigued by the festival website's "custom lineup" feature, which allowed fans to tick off which acts they were planning to see and allowed us to rank every single band's popularity.

Now that the big weekend is here, and the festival has been increased to a whopping 184 bands, I revisited the results to see what's changed and if Radiohead, the early front-runner, could maintain their position as Poobahs of the 80,000-person concert. You can check out the full list, which ranks every band, but here's the Top 20 below. 

It's no surprise that Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers are the fan favorites, but respect to Foster the People for surging ahead of Bon Iver and the Roots for soaring past the Beach Boys.

Don't forget: Fuse will be at Bonnaroo covering the festival's best moments and biggest surprises. Check out all our coverage from Bonnaroo 2012 and we'll see ya there.