June 9, 2012


Did Radiohead Tease A New Jack White Collabo at Bonnaroo?

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

Do Radiohead and Jack White have a new collabo in the works? Well, it appears that way. Friday night during the Oxford, England band's headlining Bonnaroo set, frontman Thom Yorke dedicated an unnamed new song to the former White Stripe, saying, "This one's for Jack White. A big thank you to Jack. You'll see why very soon..."

Hmmm. It's like a riddle. How very Thom Yorkian. Many in the crowd expected White to appear on guitar during that song, or the next, or the next, or the next. But noooooo. I'm thinking, however, that it means this: Perhaps Radiohead recorded a new single at White's Third Man Records studio just up the road in Nashville. Don't forget we are in Mr. White's own backyard--and what are friends to do?

What do you think of Yorke's statement? Tell me in the comments below. There were plenty other highlights from Radiohead's set, too. Here are my six favorite ...[Check out our complete Bonnaroo 2012 coverage, including the Best Photos  and Day 2's Best Moments.]

1. Mayhem hit just before the band took the stage. It was nearly impossible to get within view of the stage. "I absolutely gotta see this," I heard one dude complain. I was backstage trying to get escorted to the pit, when the walkway to the main What Stage was shut down. Suddenly, just five or six feet away, a gate swung open and there they were, Thom Yorke and co. milling about before walking the 50 yards to the stage. The security guy manning the gate turned to me and asked, "Wait... who are these guys?" Radiohead, I said, they're a band from England. "Damn... they gettin' that money!!!!"

2. "Separator," from their new album The Kings of Limbs. It's my favorite song from their new record and one of my all-time Radiohead faves, and I think it's a positive direction for the band, melding their obsession with rhythms with Yorke's echoed pop vocals. Gorgeous and inventive, in all the right ways (there's a big difference).

3. Thom Yorke, comedian: "Where are you sleeping tonight?" he asked the crowd onstage. "In a field? Face down in the mud? That's what we do in Britain. It's a tradition."

4. In Rainbows' sexy-pants jam "House of Cards." Another one of my all-time favorite Radiohead songs, this groovy slowdance is perhaps the band's sexiest track yet. "This is a love song of sorts," explained Yorke. "And it's about sex." 

5. Kid A-era song mash up. Yorke sat down at the electric keyboard and played a reworked version of "True Love Waits," an acoustic love song from their live album, which I'd never heard before. The band then slid into the watery electronic sounds of Kid A's "Everything in Its Right Place." It sounded fantastic.

6. The set-closing rendition of "Paranoid Android." Wow. As fireworks exploded overhead, the band charged through Ok Computer's own "Bohemian Rhapsody." Kudos to Jonny Greenwood, who proved yet again that he's one of the best guitar players out there with the explosive song-capping solo. Just... wow.