June 26, 2012


By the Way, Justin Bieber Ate a Bear Once

Nick Laham
Nick Laham

Even though Justin Bieber seems like your regular YouTube-sensation-turned-worldwide-phenomenon-next-door, let's not forget he's from Canada and—let's be honest—sometimes they do some crazy things up there. On a recent visit to Norwegian talk show Skavlan, the "Boyfriend" singer innocently confesses to the host, "I have a bear story." And then it takes a drastic turn.

Apparently when Justin was on a camping trip with his grandparents when he was 7 years old, he spotted a bear—as in, like, the wild animal. He told his grandparents what he saw who then called Justin's uncle. Because the bear had been causing havoc in the town (you so crazy, Canada), Justin's uncle was given permission to shoot the bear the next time it was spotted. So Justin's uncle shot the bear. BUT IT DOESN'T END THERE. Justin revealed, "And basically... We ate the bear. I ate bear... My family—we're a bunch of hillbillies—and I ate bear." 

Justin Bieber ate a bear, ladies and gents. Expect that phone call from PETA in three, two...