June 19, 2012


Chris Brown Will Study Stanley Kubrick For His Future Directing Career

When Fuse's Esteban Serrano sat down with the one and only Chris Brown to talk about his new album Fortune, the R&B singer gave us a peek into a few of the creative projects gestating in his constantly-moving imagination. In the clips above and below, Brown touches on everything from his desire to direct films—and why he'll look to Stanley Kubrick movies for visual guidance—and using cartoons as inspiration for art.

When Serrano asked Brown about his desire to direct movies, Breezy responded with thoughtful humility. "I definitely want to do it, but I want to take the cautious steps toward doing it right. I don't want to be like, 'I'm the biggest director' and then mess up," Brown says. "So I really want to take the proper steps, study and look at Stanley Kubrick. I love a lot of his films, and [I want to] just focus in and do it right. 

"So if someone brings me a script, I'm going to bring some assistants in. I'm gonna be there, but I'll make sure everything is right. Stepping stones. And then when I'm 30, 35 and these legs ain't working like they should, I'ma be like, okay, I'm gonna be behind the camera," he says, laughing. "Let me get my [director's] chair—okay, we good."

Brown recently had an exhibition of his artwork, but he says painting is hardly a new addition to his creative palette. 

"I used to paint on buses and really, really vandalize stuff when I was a kid, so to see my stuff being respected is surreal," Brown tells us. "I don't think it's [that I started painting more] right now, it's just people noticing it right now. I'll go to radio stations and do an interview and I'll draw a whole [thing] and they'll have a collage, and I just leave it there. And nobody thinks of it because it's just doodling on paper. But now you see me with a canvas that's $10,000. And it's like, what’s the difference? It's the recognition."

Brown also touches on how cartoons inspire his paintings—like the wall tags he sprayed for us in the video below—and his music videos. "I just love cartoons, they keep me fresh. Your imagination is continuously going. Cartoons give you ideas for music videos, because you're not stuck in reality. You're not [saying], 'Let me get a nice car, some big boobies and just jam out in front of a video.' No, you can take inspiration from other stuff."

To hear Brown talk about his future directing career and signing artists he found on YouTube, check out the video at the top of the page. And to see the artwork he created for us—and to hear him talk about tagging as a kid—check out the video below. Plus: Check out Chris Brown talking about aliens, meeting Michael Jackson and the cryptic album art for his new record Fortune.