June 20, 2012


Watch Daniel Radcliffe Get Drunk in His Favorite Band's New Video

Want to see Harry Potter get drunk? Mr. Daniel Radcliffe does just that in the new music from his favorite band, UK indie duo Slow Club. In the clip for "Beginners," Radcliffe stumbles around an empty bar (in the daytime and wearing a Hawaiian print shirt!) and melodramatically lip-dubs to the four-minute-long track. 

Slow Club, made up of Charles Taylor and Rebecca Taylor, play a brand of moody indie pop—check out their last album, Paradise (featuring "Beginners"), which dropped in September 2011. Like their sound? Radcliffe does. He's a huge fan of the band, says singer Rebecca Taylor. She was thrilled when the actor agreed to star in their new video: "We'd known Daniel was a fan and found this pretty cool, but then we met him, got to hang out and chat, and now we have him in our video," she told NME.

She added, "He is one of the most energetic and exciting people to be around and has been committed to getting the video right and for that we are so in awe. He made us realize how lazy we all are when it comes to videos."