June 25, 2012


Darren Criss Is a Harry Potter Mega-Fan, Shares "Glee" Season 4 Secrets

Not only is Darren Criss totally adorable, but he's also a huge Harry Potter nerd. (Win-win.) When we recently caught up with him (video above), Darren got super excited describing his musical production company StarKid's "A Very Potter Musical" video and how it became a viral hit—over eight million views.

Criss also opened up to us about his own hopes for the upcoming season of "Glee"—death and destruction! Well, kind of: "I want all of season [four] to be one adventure train ride where Lea Michelle has to keep the train at 75 miles per hour, and if it goes under that, it's gonna blow up." Any storyline inspired by "Speed" is a storyline I can get behind.

Below, Darren and his StarKid cohorts play a round of theatre games. We think these activities are supposed to get actors relaxed before a big show, but it just looks like they lost their marbles. Either way, we LOLed.