June 26, 2012


Deadmau5 Is Coming Out With a Clothing Line

Sonia Recchia
Sonia Recchia

Deadmau5, the controversy-sparking EDM DJ who seems to be everywhere these days, is about to get a little more omnipresent: He's trying to literally cover your body! Deadmau5 is coming out with a clothing line through Neff Headwear, the company that has supplied his clothes for about two years. The line is called, wait for it... Neffmau5!

According to Rolling Stone, the line will be composed of "vibrant, co-branded shirts, hoodies and hats." On July 15, you'll be able to buy four different t-shirts, one crewneck sweatshirt, one hoodie and two snapback hats.

Deadmau5 said, "It was easy to put ears on the Neff face for an instantly legit logo, right? I love the street and snowboard scene. The people involved are the people I see at my shows, so it made sense to hook up with a cool company like Neff to work on a collaboration."

So will you be copping some Neffmau5 gear? Let us know in the comments!