June 6, 2012


Far East Movement Speaks On Getting Into Strange Trucks

One time, Far East Movement's bus broke down in the desert between Phoenix and New Mexico and a random lady in a silver pickup truck came to the rescue. "She stopped, and our faces were on the bus, so she pulls over and she's like, 'Are you Far East Movement?' And she looks at the bus. She's like, 'My kids are fans!' We're like, 'Hey, we're stranded! Can we get a ride?'... We were a little nervous; not that she wasn't sweet, but it's just the whole environment of watching Texas Chain Saw Massacre and hopping into somebody's car. And she tells us stories of, like, her coyotes eating her dog. Scary stuff!"

Watch the video above to hear more about taking rides from strangers and some of their other crazy tour stories, and then watch the video below to hear about them sending Justin Bieber an evite to be in their "Live My Life" video.