June 8, 2012


Frank Ocean Releases Mysterious "Channel Orange" Trailer

Update: Def Jam confirms that Channel Orange will be Frank Ocean's debut album!

This morning (June 8), Frank Ocean released a trailer for something called "Channel Orange," which you can watch above. The slickly gorgeous 1:45 clip is a single shot of a small BMW station wagon that begins below the car and finishes looking down on it from above, with a brand new Frank Ocean song playing over it.

Mosty blogs aren't sure what "Channel Orange" is, speculating that it could be a song, a mixtape, an album or something else entirely, but RapRadar is positive that it's an album—which would make Channel Orange his official debut. The editor of RapRadar (and former XXL editor), Elliott Wilson, who hosted the Rick Ross press conference last month, tweeted this:

Frank Ocean. Channel Orange. 7/17. NaS. Life Is Good. 7/17. Rick Ross. God Forgives, I Don't. 7/31. #DefJamBack
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There probably aren't many people closer to Def Jam or more in the know about rap music than Wilson, so we think he's probably right about it being an album, but until a less opaque announcement is made we can't be 100% sure. What do you think "Channel Orange" is? Let us know in the comments!

Also, here is the song in the trailer: