June 26, 2012


Watch DeStorm's New Video "Instagram," Go Behind the Scenes

You know those nights when you weren't even planning on going out, then the next thing you know you're in a stretch Hummer limo with a random bachelor party and/or a few C-list celebrities, asking yourself how you got there while snapping photos to prove to your friends that it actually happened? Brooklyn-based musician DeStorm definitely has one of those nights in his latest video for "Instagram." 

Despite showing up to da club with basically no money, DeStorm and his crew fenagle their way into the VIP section. As the night grows increasingly wilder (see: babes, drugs, guns), D and his boys are Instagramming the whole thing. ("Instagram" is a verb now, right?) Watch the new video above, and check out what you didn't see in Fuse's exclusive behind-the-scenes clip below. 

DeStorm's Be Careful mixtape is out now—get it here. And check out DeStorm's YouTube page and follow him on Twitter