June 20, 2012


Go to a Party Inside Diddy's Mansion (Via This Video)

Have you heard about Diddy's parties? Do you imagine them to be legendary extravaganzas with flowing liquor and a hundred rooms full of beautiful people who look like they work in "entertainment"? If that's what you imagined, well, you're right. Diddy recently threw a wild, Ciroc-lubbed shindig and brought out the cameras to document it, so you at home can join the party, VIP style.

So put on your fancy duds and kick it at the never-ending party that is Diddy's life. And keep your eyes peeled for the host live-announcing an NBA game and carrying a microphone around all night. Also: What's up with Diddy's hipster chef?

What do you guys think about Diddy's party? Does it look like fun?