June 4, 2012


Indonesian Fans Bring Lady Gaga to Tears with Flash Mob Homage

Indonesian police and religious hardliners can prevent Lady Gaga from performing for her fans, but in the YouTube era, you can't prevent the fans from performing for Gaga.

This Saturday (June 2) in Jakarta, Indonesia, throngs of Gaga lookalikes swarmed a shopping center and performed an impassioned flash mob medley of Lady Gaga's greatest hits. Always ready with a tear and a tweet for her fans, Gaga caught wind of their heartfelt tribute. "This made me cry so hard," Gaga tweeted. "I love you so much. You are the best fans in the world." 

Like anyone with an Internet connection, I've seen my fair share of flash mobs, and following that regrettable Howie Mandel reality show about them, I consider myself impervious to their over-saturated charms. But damn, the love these kids have for Gaga is undeniably contagious in this clip. Decked out in one of Gaga's 10,000 different zany outfits, each person clearly put a ton of time into practicing their choreographed dance moves, and for a flash mob this massive, it's impressive how well they keep time with each other.

Watch the video below and try not to smile. I dare you!