June 22, 2012


Justin Bieber On His Favorite "Believe" Track, His Meanest Prank Ever

It's your lucky day, teen girls and nearly 30-year-old women (don't judge)—we have more videos from our recent sit-down with Justin Bieber! In the above video, the world's most famous pop star let us in on the biggest obstacles he faced while creating Believe (there actually weren't any...because he's Bieber and he's perfect), and talked about his favorite song on the album: "Probably 'Right Here" with Drake." Initiate repeat listening now.

In our second video, below, Justin also reveals that he's kind of a jerk. No, not really, he's just not afraid to take a joke to the next level, even at the expense of a friend's rising blood pressure. After a fan asks Justin about a prank he's pulled that's gone too far, Justin explains that he once convinced a pal that he was seriously injured until the poor dude was pacing up and down the halls, worried Justin would have to go to the hospital. Justin adds with a smirk, "We kept it going all day." Uh, #RUDE.

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