June 27, 2012


Justin Bieber Earns Year's Biggest Debut With "Believe"

Jeffrey Ufberg
Jeffrey Ufberg

Justin Bieber, we're so proud of you. This week, the Biebs dropped Believe, which sold 374,000 copies (via Billboard), enough to make it the biggest-selling debut of the year so far. It topped Madonna's MDNA, which sold 359,000 first week before suffering the single largest percentage drop in sales history (88%). We hope Bieber doesn't suffer a similar fate.

It's Bieber's fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard charts in two and a half years, the most for any act during that time span, according to Prefix. The biggest debut during that period was Drake's Take Care, which sold 631,000 in December, 2011. The biggest selling album of the week for 2012 was, of course, Adele's 21, which sold 730,000 copies the week after she swept the GRAMMY Awards.

So congratulations, Bieber! Let us know what you think of Believe in the comments and check out Fuse's Justin Bieber takeover on July 21st.