June 6, 2012


A Pair of Kanye West's Air Yeezy 2 Sneakers Sold for $90,300 on eBay


A pair of the Kanye West-designed Air Yeezy 2 sneakers sold for $90,300 on eBay. Yeah, you read that right. Think about it. Keep thinking about it. A $245 pair of sneakers sold for $90,300 on eBay, which means that the auction money could buy 367 pairs at retail price, which is a little more than one pair a day for a year. The auction ends in an hour.

The things you could buy for $90,300 include 8 brand new Nissan Versas, 2.5 brand new Mercedes C250 Sports, 41 ten-day trips to Morocco with airfare, and this beautiful house in Florida. Here's a picture of Kanye wearing the sneakers, although that pair is not the same pair the eBay bidder will win. The pair on eBay is just a random pair: The eBay seller enigmatically writes, "Please do not ask about my source."

Do you think Kanye West bought his own shoes for $90,300 as a piece of performance art? Do you think it's people who've figured out how to counterfeit money and are blowing it on sneakers? AM I HALLUCINATING? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? [TMZ]