June 28, 2012


See Ke$ha's New "Suck It" Tattoo

Photo Credit: Ke$ha/Instagram
Photo Credit: Ke$ha/Instagram

Kudos to Ke$ha for continuing her flawless streak of going against the grain. Her latest stunt? The glitter princess has tattooed the phrase "SUCK IT!" inside of her bottom lip, because she loves Popsicles that much... or something.

The "Blow" singer tweeted a photo of her new tattoo yesterday, exclaiming, "new tatt!!!" Three exclamation marks? She must be serious. "SUCK IT!" joins Ke$ha's various other tattoos which include a dollar sign (duh), a skull and crossbones, an anchor and a cross. 

The thing about inner lip tattoos is they're known to wear off farily quickly. So just in case Ke$ha's ever like, "That 'SUCK IT!' tattoo was a bad idea..."—JK, Ke$ha's never going to think that.

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