June 4, 2012


Kid Cudi Misses Roots Picnic Performance Due To Emergency Landing

Foc Kan
Foc Kan

Kid Cudi fans were amped to see the rapper/singer close out the 5th Annual Roots Picnic on Sunday (June 4), but the Man on the Moon was a no-show at the Philly music fest. Unlike the Nicki Minaj DJ diss drama going down at New Jersey's Hot 97 Summer Jam that same day, Cudi wasn't absent because of beef: An airplane smoking in midair forced him to cancel.

"I wanna apologize to everyone," wrote Cudi on his Tumblr. "It's not my style to flake or be a no show, so ima let everyone know right now what happened."

Cudi says that a half hour into his flight to Philly, "the pilots noticed they smelled smoke in the cockpit of the plane and came back to tell us we had to make an emergency stop and land immediately. The closest city was Vegas and we landed there safely."

No one was hurt, but the unexpected landing did force Cudi to miss his anticipated set at The Roots' music fest.

So although we're bummed he wasn't able to perform as part of an otherwise excellent lineup, we're relieved to hear he's safe. Because unless we're talking about that movie where Snoop Dogg plays an airline pilot, smoke does not belong in a cockpit.