June 28, 2012


Listen: Alicia Keys Returns With New Sound On "New Day"

Christopher Polk/Billboards2012
Christopher Polk/Billboards2012

Alicia Keys is storming out of the gate on "New Day," her first maybe-single since 2009's The Element Of Freedom. Ms. Keys is celebrating her new life as a mother and a wife with the help of quick, driving drums and an island flair. (Did hubby Swizz Beatz produce the track? Sounds like it to us.)

It's far from the piano ballads we've come to expect from Keys, but she recently warned us her music was going in a new direction. Borrowing a couple of Rihanna's eeehs, AK's livin' good, subscribing to the YOLO plan and she wants everyone to know about it: "It's alright to feel however you want to / There's no limitation, no / If you live ya life, lemme see ya hands up one time / I celebrate mine 'cause I ain't gonna get no more / So we can do this all night / There's one life, so live it up."

Check out Alicia Keys' latest, "New Day," and let us know what you think about her new sound in the comments.