June 2, 2012


Listen to a Mashup of Neutral Milk Hotel With Kanye, Jay-Z & More


The psychedelic folk sounds of Neutral Milk Hotel are basically the polar opposite of hip hop. But what happens when you merge the two? Danger Mouse did on "The Fool," from his project Pelican City, but if that one song wasn't enough for you, well, now there's Neutral Bling Hotel's In My G4 Over Da Sea!

Neutral Bling Hotel mixes the iconic indie album with songs by Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, Dr. Dre and others, and it surfaced on the internet Thursday. It's purported to be the project of video game programmer Psychosis, who "accidentally found audio editing software and the world has been paying the price ever since."

The music world has not universally embraced Neutral Bling Hotel, with some bloggers calling it racist and one Tumbler user writing, "In all honesty, this is f***ing degrading."

Listen to the project in its entirety over at Bandcamp, and hear a sample below. Let us know what you think about In My G4 Over Da Sea in the comments!