June 15, 2012


Listen to Maybach Music's 9-Minute Epic "Power Circle"

Are you ready to hear the biggest rap track of 2012? It's Maybach Music's nine-minute instant classic "Power Circle," starring Gunplay, Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar. I wrote "starring" instead of "featuring" because it's more of a movie than a song.

Opening with a few piano notes straight from Lil Wayne's "Nightmares of the Bottom" and Ross saying, "If Michael Jackson came alive right now, he'd ask you to smoke one for him, so in his honor...," the track kicks off with a lighter flick. Rozay only gets better from there, delivering my favorite verse I've ever heard him rap.

But the best line on the song isn't Ross'—it's Gunplay's. In his verse, he raps, with his trademark casual ferocity, "I'm at the round table/Where your seat at?/Where your plate?/Where your lobster?/Where your sea bass?" Gunplay is the man.

So listen to the track above and let us know who you think drops the best verse on it in the comments!