June 9, 2012


Ludacris Talks Working With Justin Bieber on "All Around the World"

Ludacris, the Atlanta rapper who's been hot since forever, with high-profile acting roles and huge singles since 2001, continues to shine on Justin Bieber's next single, "All Around the World." Ludacris also guested on "Baby," one of Bieber's first major singles, so he knows what it's like.

We sat down with Luda at Bonnaroobefore his awesome set that included a full live band, and he called "All Around the World" "extraordinary." About Bieber, Ludacris says, "He's progressing, man, he's not a kid anymore! His records are starting to reflect that. He's a hard worker, he's definitely into the culture. When I heard the record, I instantly loved it. I'm waiting to get the confirmations on [doing the video,] but I'm sure there's a video in the plans."

Watch that interview above, and look down for more Luda! Plus, don't forget to check out our complete Bonnaroo 2012 coverage for more interviews, photos and news.